Our Jacob is 4 Today!!

It’s true… Today is Jacob’s Fourth Birthday.  It’s both a fun day and a bit of a sad one.  The fun we have planned includes going to a Mariner’s game as a family for the first time.  Someone who doesn’t even go to our church "randomly" (there’s no such thing as "random"… because "God causes all things…" Romans 8:28) dropped off 4 tickets to the game.  So, since Jakey and Micah are so small, we don’t have to buy them tickets – which makes the day even more fun!  We’re going to keep it all a secret from the boys until we get there… it’ll be awesome!! 
The sad part comes in as I realize that – contrary to my wishes – these boys are growing up.  Our Jakey-Bakey is supposed to always be the little boy that hates being around other people, and loves to sing and dance all day long.  And, while he does still LOVE to sing and dance all day (he regularly leads the family in a mini-worship service nearly each day I’m at work) he’s actually starting to like other people now!  He’s the one at parks that will play with other kids, and he’s the one yesterday at the first day of MOPS that was eager to go into the "big boy" class UNDER THE CHAPEL with teachers he doesn’t know and kids he’s never seen before and he didn’t even shed a tear!  Even when he saw me helping out with gym time, he had no problem going right back into his class when it was time for his class to leave.  I couldn’t believe it!  But, in all seriousness – we couldn’t be prouder of him.  He now requires the least discipline of all the boys.  He’s quick to share EVERYTHING with EVERYONE, and he’s working hard at memorizing the 10 Commandments with his brothers.  And we love him. 
So, Happy Birthday, Jakey!  And, STOP GROWING UP!

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