The First Day of School Jitters

Today Austin and Caleb start their first day of "school".  Alright, so it’s our version of school.  They’re going to a homeschool co-op of sorts, where they’ll be with other kids from K – 1st grade every Tuesday from 9am-2pm and they’ll cover math and science, language arts, along with some "extra curricular" studies of either spanish or art. 
Caleb is really excited (at least he was last night when he went to bed) while Austin is a bit anxious about the big day.  While Caleb has always tended to be the more outgoing and social of our boys, Austin has tended to follow after his father’s social anxiety.  I remember all too well the over-whelming feelings I’d routinely experience as the first day of school (or anything new really) would approach.  Meeting new people, going somewhere I wasn’t familiar with, and just not being sure of what to expect made for a rough day for me.  I see the same uncertainty in Austin.  I know that once he gets used to his surroundings and settles into a routine, he’ll have a blast. 
And the clincher is that since Dawn’s in charge of MOPS on Tuesdays, I’m the one taking them to their school!  Just like when I’ve taken them to their first basketball and baseball practices, I’m sure I’ll get to re-live all those wonderful feelings of my first day.  I’ll try to keep my composure and pray that Austin keeps his.
I’ll let you know how we do…

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