Westport Vacation!

This past week, we were blessed to stay at our friend’s beach house in Westport, WA (really Grayland – just outside of Westport.)  We had an awesome time.  It was the longest vacation that we’ve ever taken with the boys.  For the first couple of days, the weather was nice – so we had no problem hanging out at the beach, running from waves (which, sad to say, I haven’t done since I was a kid), making sand castles, and the like.  We were also able to ride their scooters that they had sitting in their garage.  That was the highlight for the boys (and me).  The remaining three days were cloudy, windy, and rainy – but we still managed to get to the beach every day.  The boys did great (as always) and we were all able to enjoy each other’s company and build some lasting memories.  It is such a blessing to witness the fruit of all the hard work of consistantly disciplining our boys so that we can really have a blast with them, rather than loath the time we have together. 
Pictures will be coming soon!

One thought on “Westport Vacation!

  1. Wow, there must be some rigid requirements to get onto your friends list! I am SURE that is why it is empty…
    Glad you got a family vacation, our girls still talk about how much fun they had at the beach house. When we went into Westport we found some of the best doughnuts and fish n chips. I never knew they went so well together…
    Love the blog, I will be checking in hourly because I have nothing better to do.

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