Facebook Addiction

So I’ve joined the revolution…. more like the nerd-olution.  I’ve become addicted to Facebook.  For those who don’t know what Facebook is (my mom), you’re not alone.  I didn’t know until 2 days ago.  I’ve always thought it was like Myspace – where a bunch of lonely people share pornographic pictures of themselves to other lonely people.  However, Facebook is this deal where you enter some basic info about yourself (name, education, year graduated, school, etc.) and it links you up with people that are already on Facebook with that same criteria.  So, over the past day, I’ve gotten to contact dozens of my homies from my hood.  It’s actually pretty cool – besides the addiction….  I find myself checking my email and Facebook page regularly to see if anyone else has contacted me….I’ve become such a loser…  But… I mean, I can stop anytime… I really can… I just don’t want to yet… Maybe tomorrow? 
But to my credit, I’ve still kept from typing "LOL" or "BFF" or any other moronic abbreviations that have been created by mouth-breathing booger-eaters …. so I’m still better than "those people"…. for now….

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