For my adoring fans…

After much criticism for my lack of bloggerdom, and in an attempt to silence the critics, I write…
Actually, I just haven’t had much to write about.  There’s been several times since my last post, where I’ve sat down and just stared at the screen for about 5 minutes until I decided I’d have more fun looking at  And there’s been times where I’ve gone through all the trouble of writting out some diatribe, only to come to the end and say, "This is retarded.  Who would want to read this other than my mom?"  (that’s not to say that my mom’s retarded.  Or that she’ll read anything.  It doesn’t mean anything negative towards my mom….. Love you, Mom.)  And so I’ve searched my soul, and dug deep into the recesses of my vastly intellegent dome and have come up with even more not to say than I’d previously thought.  I guess I struggle with the thought of there being people "out there" that would want me to share some drawn out story of how much cooler my kids are than theirs.  Or, that my view on how totally awesome Christine Gregoire is, actually matters.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be taxed to the gills and who couldn’t fully endorse our Gov. after she added that sweet gas tax as soon as she took office?  And, who would really care that I think that Joe Biden’s teeth have reached a new shade of "creepy white"?  And, why should I waste anyone’s time reading a blog about how much I think that Tina Fey should replace Sarah Palin as the VP candidate?  And, why should I bore anyone with witty comments about how much Facebook concerns me, when I receive "friend requests" from creepy chicks from high school that are a little "too friendly".  Or how retarded it is to receive an imaginary "flower" from some sleep deprived facebook addict, to help with global warming?  And speaking of global warming, why would anyone want to hear me go off how what a ridiculous mass of non-science that whole argument is.  I mean, do they let just anyone with a degree from DeVry stand up and say that the world is about to explode because I throw my pop cans in the garbage (which I do)?  My interests have just outgrown a blog, I guess.  I’d rather entertain myself with funny Jim Gaffigan clips from youtube about religion and vegeterians, and keep close tabs on Brett Favre’s career than have to stress about entertaining everyone "out there".  I guess evolutionists have it right – I’ve evolved.  I’ve reached the higher state.  I’ve arrived.  Thank God for me…
But, I’m sure I can come up with something soon.  I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I’d let all 5 of you down.  I’ll do better next time….

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