Well, let’s all just freak out then…

So, apparently now’s the time to lose it.  According to every "evangelical" talking head, today is the worst day in american history.  If Obama was elected, we might as well all move to Canada, right?  I mean, Barak’s more powerful than God now. 
I must be in the minority here among my evangelical family, but I’m not as concerned.  In fact, I’m even optimistic.  You see, I firmly believe that what the American church needs is a punch in the neck.  By that, I mean some good old fashioned persecution.  And I’m pretty sure Barak’s the guy we need for that.  Some might argue that persecution is bad.  I would say that the ONLY way the church has grown in all of history, is during great persecution.  Look at the early church, when millions of christians were horrendously slaughtered and burned, and they all sang songs praising God that they were counted worthy of suffering for Christ.  Look at China, Korea, Burma, really anywhere other than America.  Our safety is killing us.  Our prosperity is destroying us.  Our freedom of religion has crippled us into thinking that Christianity is easy.  It’s supposed to be hard work.  Everywhere else it is.  It’s supposed to consume all our time and energy.  Everywhere else it does.  But, here in America, we sit in our safe homes, watch safe PG movies made by christians, use safe language, over eat every day, and go to church on sundays.  In the words of a wise man – when we get to heaven, and stand before God, and we tell of how "hard" we had it, and all that we filled our time with – God will inevitably say, "Well, that didn’t make me look very good.  You should have done more with the time that I gave you.  You should have made me look like the all-satisfying God that I am."  And then we’ll realize that we’ve wasted our life.  I pray that persecution comes for all of us, because we’re told to – "Count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness, and let steadfastness have its full effect that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."  (James 1) Isn’t it ironic that the very thing we spend our whole lives avoiding (persecution) is the very thing that we need.
Hopefully we’ll get there.  Sooner rather than later. 

One thought on “Well, let’s all just freak out then…

  1. I also heard that this is the worse thing ever. I thought my history class made the civil war sound pretty bad, and there was that whole 9/11 thing that I did not enjoy…
    I cannot remember the exact quote, but some one said something about we (USA) kicked God out of our schools, and now kids are bringing guns in, we kicked God out of our courts, and now we are killing babies… we are just getting what we asked for. So if as a nation we elected a crazy socialist because he happens to be black (see this if you don’t beleive me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyvqhdllXgU&feature=related) then we are getting what we asked for.
    I also agree that we could use some persecution, I cannot wait to read how fast Joel Osteen moves to the Bahamas with all the "love" his prosperity gospel god has given him once he faces some real trials.
    Christians in America do seem weak to me (myself included and Driscoll excluded), and I think that although this could really suck, we have had it too good for a long time and have not furthered the Gospel as we should have.
    Bravo for a great blog, that is why the three of us who read your blog want you to write more.

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