Christmas Letter



To quote everyone that writes a Christmas letter, this year has flown by.  It’s hard to believe all that has happened.  The biggest has probably happened within the past couple months, since we’ve welcomed our newest addition to our family.  No, Dawn’s NOT pregnant… I’m talking about the Goheens.  Our great friends moved in downstairs in October until they leave for “missionary school” in January.  It’s been awesome!  The boys have loved caring for baby Norah and wrestling with Taylor, and Dawn and I have loved growing closer with our friends.  One constant thing this year, whether good times, “bad” times, and in between, we have been blessed to learn what it means that, “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God…”(Romans 8:28 NASB).  Now to move onto the part where I work to convince you that my kids are better than yours…like that’s gonna be hard….

AustinNeeds to stop growing up.  Now nearly seven, our little first grader turned second grader, has become an excellent reader (thanks to his hot teacher!), proficient at math and science, and even better at caring for his family.  He played baseball for the first time this past summer, and he loved it.  In January, I’ll be trying my hand at coaching his 2nd grade basketball team… that’s a scary combo… He’s a goofball and we love him too much.

Caleb – Has to stop growing up.  Now 5 ½, he’s also becoming quite the reader, in fact, he’s probably the best reader in his Kindergarten class!  (thanks to his hot teacher!)  He loves to snuggle, wrestle, and play football in the backyard.  He also seems to really love the spot light.  The few times we’ve recorded him, he’s really turned on the drama button… Caleb’s sweet demeanor has often been battling his independence, which has resulted in several fisticuffs with his brothers and his parents.  He’s adorable and we love him too much.

Jacob – Also, needs to stop growing up.  Approaching 4 ½, Jakey loves music.  For his birthday, Grandma Werdal got him an electric guitar, which he plays every day.  He’s constantly leading the family in a little worship service when I’m at work, and he’s always singing and making up songs.  His favorite game to play is “Taylor & Paul” (named after the guys that lead worship at our church), where they take turns imagining that they’re… well… Taylor and Paul.  He’s also learned how to take great care of his brothers.  He’s silly and we love him too much.

Micah – Really needs to stop growing up.  Knocking at the door of three, this bundle of terror greets everyone with a punch in the leg.  He’s patiently learning how to talk.  It’s really humorous to watch his wheels turn in his head as he tries so hard to think of how to communicate the many ideas floating around that cute head of his.  His favorite thing to say is, “Honk-Honk!”, which is code for “Knock-Knock” jokes.  He’s a monster, and we love him too much.

Dawn –  The aforementioned “hot teacher” has done it again.  She’s put together another great year as the MOPS Coordinator for nearly 100 sleep deprived moms, homeshooled 2 of the 4 monsters, put up with me for no reason at all, and continues her streak as the hottest mom in the milky way.  I love her to death.

Danny – Should really start growing up someday… Been enjoying the time with the fam.  Still on the governing board at church – for some reason they haven’t requested my dismissal.   Leading a life group at church full of a bunch of young couples that’ve only been married for 1-2 years, extremely awesome to watch God work in their lives and to watch them work at their marriages.  Went on an amazing hike into the Enchantments for 4 days with my great friends – sweated, fly-fished (I caught nearly 30 fish! Cleaned ‘em too!) and napped.  Also went to Tucson, AZ in October to see my brother – had an awesome time. 


May God bless all of you with “the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.” (Colossians 1:9-10) 


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