Athiests?…. Really?….

Apparently everyone’s supposed to be all freaked out because of some ridiculous sign that’s in the state capital.  And, I’ve gotta say… I’m pretty shocked.  Not shocked that they put a sign up saying what they DON’T believe in – because that’s all athiets can talk about.  I’m shocked that athiests are actually relevant still.  It’s been a good 5 to 10 years since a church could have a debate between an athiest and a christian and actually get people to give a hoot.  And now, they’re in the news, cable tv, and oprah.
Are there really that many athiests anymore?  Aren’t most people humanists?  Don’t most people (and even most people that call themselves Christians) think that they’re good people, and that happiness comes from your work, or family, or within, or from exercising, or saving the spotted owl?  And that if I do enough good things it’s gonna balance out all the bad things I do.  Because God doesn’t care THAT much about sin.  I mean it was nice that Jesus came and died, but it was really necessary for me.  I mean, I’m not like THAT guy. 
And, why does a group of people that only talk about what they DON’T believe in get all this press.  I’d much rather hear from people that actually have a belief system.  It’s like asking someone if they believe in santa, and they say, "No, I don’t believe in santa."  And, you ask honestly wanting to know, "Oh.  Well… what do you believe in, then?"  To which they reply rather sanctimoniously, "Oh… I don’t believe in santa."  Then you begin to think that you’re talking to an insane person, and so you keep the cycle of insanity going with, "I know you don’t believe in santa, but WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?"  After little thought they simply answer, "I don’t believe in santa."  And then you shoot yourself in the head just to end the conversation.
My response to all this?  Who cares.  There are tons of people that don’t believe there’s a god.  There are even more that don’t believe in the Triune God of the bible.  I do, however, think it’s rather ridiculous that these athiests got to put up a sign that mocks the other displays, when the others were just that – displays!  Why doesn’t our beloved moron Chris Gregoire have statements of faith from every orgainzed (and disorganized) religion in the world.  Since she apparently lacks any amount of leadership abilities, that way she wouldn’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying "no" to anyone, and all these wacked out belief systems would have to write down what they actually do believe in.  Then all these "religions" will be exposed for how ridiculous they are.  Except for Festivus… THAT holiday is legit.

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