Why I hate this snow…

I hate this snow for many reasons.  Some of which may sound silly and others no one can relate to.  But, I hate this snow. 
I hate this snow because after you make two or three snow monsters, have one or two snowball fights, and sled for a couple of days there isn’t much else to do in it.  I mean, we’ve even got a pretty decent sledding hill (for a development) with a jump and everything in or backyard, and in only took a couple of days for us to get bored of that.  Here’s proof of our boredom:

I mean, when you have to build a six foot ramp to make the decent sledding hill better, you’ve pretty much exhausted your resources.

And I hate this snow, because it takes nearly a half an hour to get our boys all dressed up each time they want to go back out.  And it’s not like they can all just stand there and be little manaquins for me, they’re all after me to "hurry up!" and "me first!" and "Daddy, can you help me put on my boots?" and "Daddy, can you come out too?" and all that.   And once I do go outside, it’s not long after that that they want me to go sledding with them, and you know how ridiculous a guy my size looks on a sled of any kind?  THIS is how ridiculous I look:

Most of all, I hate this snow because it severely affects my ability to make one dollar.  Since I drive an over-sized tobagan for work, I’m probably overly-sensitive to taking any risks of wrecking my van that I couldn’t afford to repair, or wrecking anyone else.  Sure our insurance would cover it, but that only means that our insurance that I can’t afford would go up even more.  So, I haven’t worked in 7 days because of this blasted snow, and that means that I’m working today come hell or more snow. 
Man, I hate this snow…
But…. a White Christmas will sure be cool…


One thought on “Why I hate this snow…

  1. Man, you have been busy! I have been really slacking on my blogging and checking blogs, but seeing you smack your butt like that was worth the time!Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, in case I never make it back from Idaho.

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