Today Austin is 7!!! Wow!!

That’s right.  It was 7 years ago now that two young kids anxiously drove to the hospital at seven o’clock in the morning, were admitted to one of the largest rooms on the floor, and settled into what was to be the start of the rest of our lives.  Our doctor had convinced us that Austin was "too big" for Dawn to deliver, so she had set the induction date of January 15th, so that it would be "possible" for this "enormous" baby to come out (how did we survive before doctors started making all the rules anyways?)  So, thanks to the drugs, Dawn became extremely queezy and was fortunate enough to vomit several times in front of a room full of excited relatives. 
By the early afternoon things finally started moving…very slowly.  Dawn’s memory would be better than mine – since I just sat there like an idiot trying to remember just 1 thing that the hippie-chick had taught me from our ridiculously boring birthing class.  Thankfully, I had also been watching several helpful shows on TLC on giving birth, and so I was probably more qualified than our doctor.
By late afternoon, after being told by the crack medical staff that there is nothing that can be done for back labor, we decided to get an epidural.  That’s quite the experience.  Dawn, now even more sick, was able to lay still and sleep between bouts of nausea and contractions.  Finally, by 8pm we were in full swing – Dawn screaming, doctor’s moving, nurse’s taking charge, and me just sitting there trying to comfort my bride.  At 8:10 I became a father. 
I remember thinking, "Why aren’t I feeling more?"  You always hear of guys saying that when they saw their child for the first time, it wrecked them and they were never the same.   I was expecting the same experience, but was surprised at how normal it seemed.  I’ve come to learn that God has used Austin, his subsequent brothers, Dawn and my close friends to soften my heart so that I can feel.  And I’m forever grateful. 
These years have gone by way too quickly, and our little boy IS growing up, and soon he won’t need us anymore.  But, these days are great.  To be able to be here with him and watch him grow and to see him love on his brothers and lead other kids, and to see him make decisions and think about consequences, and to be able to actively teach him everyday how to follow his Savior, and to dream about the man that he is going to be some day, and to be able to play and active role with God in developing his gifts is nothing short of amazing. 
Thank you, God for all my boys, and may you drawn Austin to You early in life, to experience Your abundant life as Your servant, so that he will not waste his time here on this earth.  Happy 7th Birthday, Austin.  We love you very much.

One thought on “Today Austin is 7!!! Wow!!

  1. I can just picture you standing in the room looking for something to do as everyone runs around you! I felt the same way. I also remember catching a lot of that vomit during our first labor since the doctors thought trash cans and buckets were bad luck… thank goodness all she was allowed to have was ice chips and a creamsicle…

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