After much rebuke from friends and questions of my salvation – I finally watched Fireproof.  And, I must say that I was wrong.  It turned out (much to my joy) not be a "christian movie".  Despite some cheesy parts and some dialogue that just wouldn’t happen in real life, everything else was great.  To think of the fact that everyone in the movie other than Kirk Cameron was not a professional actor, it turned out really well.  And, as another guy put it – Kirk Cameron was terrible in the Left Behind movies, but he’s actually really decent in this one. 
Also, as I watched the couple in the movie work out their marriage, I realized what a douche of a husband I’ve been to Dawn.  And how much she needs me to be "the man".  Any movie that gets you thinking along those lines, can’t be all bad.
So, here’s my apology to all you Fireproof nerds – I’m sorry for waiting so long to watch it.  But, I can’t say that I’ll be wating with eager expectation for the next christian movie to come out.  But, maybe I should be…

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