Yesterday was GameDay – the start of the glorious "30 and over" basketball league that I’ve played in for the past 4 years.  For all you mathmaticians – you’re right, I might have broken some of the age rules in the past. 
Anyways, I need to make something extremely clear.  My team has never won a game.  That’s right.  You read that correctly – never.  In the 4 years of playing, we’d lose by an average of 30 points.  It’s miserable.  The main reason for our deficiency is due to the fact the every other team has played together for years, and they play regularly in other leagues throughout the year.  My team, doesn’t even know everyone’s name until like the 2nd or 3rd game.  So, we’ve been known as the worst team in the league.
However, all this has changed.  Thanks to a fortunate "off season pickup", we actually won our first game last night!  It was just about the most amazing thing ever… besides God, my wife, kids, Red Robin’s Peppercorn Burger, Pepsi, really good Mexican Food, hangin’ with BOB, pizza, etc…. but pretty darn amazing nonetheless!
So, this "off season pickup" was this guy that’s played on the team that had previously won the year-end tournament.  He also used to play on the Everett Explosion – a Semi-pro team that Everett used to have a couple of years ago.  And, apparently his old team has too many college players, so they booted him (basically).  He called me up, and told me he still wanted to play and was wondering if we’d have room for him.  I tried to make sure that he knew what team he was talking to – the consistlently worst team in the league.  He laughed and said that he just wants to play.  So, I told him I’d have to think and pray and fast about it, and that I’d get back to him in 3 to 4 – I told him to please play with us, and I’ll pay him whatever he wants!
This kid’s nothing short of amazing.  I’ve never played with someone of his calliber.  He pulls up for JUMPERS from just inside half court and drains them regularly.   He steals the ball almost every time the other team has it.  He dribbles through 3 guys, before hittin’ the lay up.  And, on top of that, he’s really encourage to the rest of us.  Whenever we take a shot at a 3, he always says, "Nice shot!"  And he went overboard on remembering our names, and he mades some sweet passes to the rest of us "normal people".
Alright, at the risk of sounding like I’ve got a "Man-Crush" on him, I’ll just say that it was great to win, even if it was only because of 1 player that scored like half our points.  Winning makes everything better…

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