Band of Brothers – Part 2

Not sure how many of "you" actually watched the Band of Brothers clip – nor do I care.  But, this is where I go on and on about what I got out of that great movie.  So, either read on, or skip this post…. you’ve been warned.
I learned that men do things – like fight a war and overcome fear – simply because they have to.  And, honestly, I’m just fine with not fighting and being overcome with fear.  Granted, my battles don’t involve heavy artillery, but they’re costly and fatal nonetheless. 
"For we do not wrestle (battle, fight) against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."
Also, I learned that as a man you lead.  This is no secret, but somehow it is a lesson that I’ve failed to learn.  In the movie, you see Lieutenant Winters stepping up, and seeing what needs to be done to defeat the enemy, and he communicates clearly with his troops so that everyone paticipates in the battle.  And they win.  Now, there are casualties, but they persevere and they fight.  I, on the otherhand, tend to wait for someone else to lead, and hope for a quick death once the fighting starts.  Could I be more pathetic?  And, at least for me, I don’t easily see the casualties until it’s too late.  My casualties are when my kids go crazy as a result of my inferior leadership, or when my wife looses it (rightfully so) because she’s tired of being the leader.  And if this goes on for too long, we all become a statistic. 
Later in the movie, Easy Company gets different Commanding Officers as Winters gets promoted because he’s such a bad-"A".  Just about everyone of their subsequent leaders proves to be pathetic.  They’re either passive or indecisive or just not up to the challenge.  And, as a result – people die.  It’s not like they have the luxury of working under a bad leader and winding up with a pay cut or the possibility of losing their job.  When their leader sucks, they lose their life.   The same goes for my family, my work, my spiritual life… everything.  The degree to which I lead translates directly to the degree of success all those areas experience.  Nothing new, just a new perspective for me – I guess.
The only leader that comes close to Winters (in the movie) is this guy called Speirs.  This dude is like every big shot movie superhero wrapped into one – with one exception – Spears is a real person.  There’s this battle for the town of Foy, where Easy Company had a particular douche of a CO, Winters sends Speirs in as his replacement.  And, you watch Speirs completely handle the entire situation like a man.  Here’s the scene – relax, this one’s only 3 minutes and the language isn’t as bad.  And – it’s really cool.
Unfortunately, my default mode is to be like the douche CO rather than Spears.  God, help me work towards a "Speirs-like" intensity to lead.

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