Why I Now Love Birthday Parties…

Yesterday, my sister’s oldest child had her birthday party.  And honestly – I would normally be pretty "unexcited", because in the past that would mean that all six of us would be hanging out for the entire party, taking care of our kids and having to "chit-chat" with total strangers.  However, THIS time everything was different.  My lovely sister informed me that we had the option to just drop our kids off.  I had never thought of such a thing before, and more than that – had never considered that we had reached such a blessed day!  Now that our boys are getting older, they can just go places without us, and they have fun, they’re well behaved and people actually enjoy having them! 
So, Dawn and I ran all the boys up into my sisters house at exactly 1pm, and watched them run off with their cousins to play, and then we quickly ran back out to our waiting suburban to escape for some much needed "mommy-daddy time".  So, rather than sitting through three hours of my six year old neice’s birthday party (don’t get me wrong, I love my neice, and I love that she had a great time at her party, I just love that I didn’t have to witness it.  I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.)  we had free babysitting as we casually took care of all the errands we had planned to run AFTER the party with what would have been our then very tired little monsters.
So, happy birthday, Alena!  And, may there be many more…

One thought on “Why I Now Love Birthday Parties…

  1. I’m so glad I could bless you guys with a little unexpected "Mommy-Daddy time". I’m happy to do it any time! I absolutely adore your boys!! -Laura

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