“Where Do We Go…?”

The other day the boys and I went "frolfing" (frisbee-golfing) with my brother and mom.  For those who haven’t had the priviledge, you’re throwing a frisbee until you get it into a basket-like thing a few hundred feet away.  Usually you can hardly see the basket-thingy.  This was probably the 10th time or so that the boys and I have frolfed.  But, every time, with every throw, they ask the same question – "Where do we go?"  And it struck me that not only in the world of frolf, but in all aspects these "men-in-training" are looking to me to show them which way to go.  And, the unfortunate thing is – wherever I lead them, they will go.  If I lead them into anger – they’ll become easily angered.  If I lead them into a world where they are king – they will have no need for a Lord.  If I teach them to look out for "Number 1" – that’s all that will matter to them. 
With our Men’s Retreat just hours away, I’m really looking forward to listening to a message that I can follow, and hopefully get back on course, to lead these "men-in-training" well. 
God help me.

Just What I Needed…

Sometimes you come across a blog or article and it’s just what the proverbial doctor ordered.  I have recently fallen into quite the funk in regards to reading God’s Word and more pathetic – I’ve found myself pretty okay with that.  This blog post was particularly helpful to me and it may be for others too…


Just Read Your Bible

Posted: 26 May 2009 07:16 AM PDT

Piper, in answering the question about how to defeat an addiction to entertainment, said one thing that is either striking, or defeating:

Immerse yourself in the Bible, even when you don’t feel like it, pleading with God to open your eyes to see what’s really there.

Now, five years ago I would have scoffed at this. It is one of those "Just do it" phrases that doesn’t seem at all helpful. "Ok, I get that I need to do it, but how do I do it?" I was looking for a magic bullet, a get rich quick answer. Not, "You just need to do it." I have since changed my tune. Only one thing has made me a consistent Bible reader: Being consistent. It is as simple as that.

Mark Dever was once asked, "What’s one thing you’ve learned after years of reading the Bible about how to read the Bible well?" His answer, I hope, will be of great help to you:

That’s it’s more important that I keep doing it than what I get out of it at any particular time.

A lot of young Christians will have an exciting quiet time on Monday and a really exciting one on Tuesday and an awesome one on Wednesday but then something happens on Thursday and they actually don’t even do it and Friday they do it and they feel guilty and it isn’t that good and Saturday they do it but it’s late and they were discouraged…and then they just get discouraged because they’re not always having a super experience. That’s where I would look at them and say, "Just keep going. Aim at obedience in a long direction set in a pattern for decades. If you just keep going you’ll gain so much by consistency and faithfulness that there’s no way you can gain just by sudden experience."


I always hate it when you read a blog where someone complains about how busy their life is, and that’s the reason why they haven’t added a new post for awhile – I REALLY hate that.  Especially, when they say that their brother has been in town from Tucson, AZ and they’ve been stayin’ up late and goin’ to all points abroad to entertain him and spend some quality time with him before he leaves.  And, when people say that their week ahead is looking really busy, with meetings, life group, and a Men’s Retreat… I really HATE it when people do that. 
And then they’ll usually add a video to try to make it up to their readers for being so lame.  It will typically look something like this:

Something New On YouTube and here

In an attempt to inundate the world with Wiebe’s, Micah has made it to youtube once again.  This clip is from about a month ago, and it’s a dandy (if you ask me)!  Like it says in the caption – Micah loves to sing… and he loves to have no clothes on – put those together and add a toilet and you’ve got something memorable…



Technology is hard…

Somehow, I just discovered that there have been 4 new fans that have been waiting to join the cool club here.  I didn’t realize that there was actually a spot here where people can request to hop on the bus…  So, when I add them to the two that I already have… that would mean that I’ve got more readers than the Seattle-PI!!!   I’ve finally made it…
My apologies to those that have felt rejected and un-wanted for so long.  To make it up to you, I’ll cut your subscription fee in half, and waive all membership costs, and I’ll even throw in an imaginary t-shirt.  Enjoy!!