Danny has THREE mommies?…

I normally joke that on Mother’s Day you hear a message at church about how great mother’s are and how much we love, encourage, and support all the moms.  But, on Father’s Day we hear a message of how crappy dad’s are and how we need to step it up, follow God, and lead our families better.  This year, thankfully, there wasn’t a "special" message for moms at our church.  But, I do have to give some props to the "mom’s" in my life.
My mom is an amazing woman, that has overcome cancer, raised three kids on her own, worked full-time, supported us in every dumb sport and decision we’ve made, and continues her loving legacy through her grandkids.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.
My step-mom has had to overcome quite the dysfunctional and traumatic childhood, raised her two kids on her own, loved and supported her family through numerous difficult "life decisions", and loved her three step-children deeply.  Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy.
My wife in the seven years that she’s joined the Motherhood Fraternity, has proven to be one incredible mom.  Her love for her children, her desire to teach them and disciple them, and her ability to lead other moms is nothing short of inspiring.  Happy Mother’s Day, Wife.  I really love you!

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