What’s the Point?

Lately I’ve been finding myself pondering the deep things like, "Why do I sweat so much?" and "Why would Pepsi make ‘Throw-Back Pepsi’, it tastes awful?" and "Which bear is best?"  But mostly I’ve been coming to the basic question, "What’s the Point?"  While I don’t have time in this post to go into all the details and background, I will unfold that question with more questions to hopefully make it all the more confusing…
  • What has God put me HERE to do, and how am I going to do ‘it’?
  • If the Christian life boils down to bringing glory to God, why do I care so much about my life?
  • Jesus said that we would do greater things than  He did when He would heal someone, but I don’t see that I am currently doing ANYTHING, let alone doing something greater than what Jesus did.
  • Why is stuff so appealing?
  • Why is entertainment so consuming?
  • When I’m 90 years old (like my grandpa is currently) and I look back on my life, what will be some of the things I’m glad I did, and what will I not be able to remember?  (It seems like those things that I’ll never remember is exactly what I spend all my time doing….)
  • Should my days be consumed with work, family, self, entertainment, and activity?  (there’s nothing wrong with these… I’m not ‘sayin’, I’m just ‘sayin’…)
  • Are emails, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, texting, cell phones, and the like really the best way to communicate?

That’s where I’m coming from.  More later…



2 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. I too, have been pondering this. The issue that keeps popping up is whether or not hibernation and human feeding is influencing the inland grizzly’s ability to compete fairly. – Ty

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