Great Piper Sermon

So, I’m having to run now, since I was effectively dumped by my basketball "friends" (jerks).  This morning was the start of this dreaded "running" (more like jogging, but I’ll call it "running" because that sounds more manly) and as I always do – I listened to one of the many sermons we have downloaded on our ipod.  Todays selection was "The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up – Like the Serpent" by John Piper.  As I was scrolling through the options, I landed on this one because in our life group we’re going through the Gospel of John and had just gone over this passage – which had reminded me of how A.W. Tozer describes this passage in his awesome book "The Pursuit of God" (do yourself a favor and read this book – if you haven’t already).  To say the least, Piper’s dissection of this passage is much better than my attempt was.  I hope my life group doesn’t listen to this – then they’re really going to realize just how lame of a leader I am – as if they already didn’t know…
Here’s the link to the main page where the sermon is – you have infinite options – you can read it, watch it, listen to it, download it, or not even click on it at all.  Yer da boss…

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