For the Men Out There…

With our Men’s Retreat fast approaching, Mars Hill has some great resources for the two of you…

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Act Like Men!

Posted: 18 May 2009 02:17 PM PDT

Family Life Today, a nationally syndicated radio show, has been airing selections of Pastor Mark’s sermons. In a recent episode called Act Like Men, the program featured an excerpt from Marriage and Men: 1 Peter 3:7. 

This morning we received dozens of inquiries from folks who heard Pastor Mark on the radio and want to find more content. Here’s where to look:

Mars Hill Church has never pursued many radio opportunities, due to the expense involved and our preferred strategy of online distribution. On occasion, however, we permit existing programs (such as Family Life Today) to rebroadcast Mars Hill content over the airwaves. We’re grateful for any chance to spread the gospel of Jesus to a new and different audience.

If radio is your medium of choice, Pilgrim Radio Network, is set to begin broadcasting the entire 1st Corinthians series on Wednesday, May 20 (check listings).


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