10 Best Lines from the Men’s Retreat

10. "Save Some." ~ Norris Williams (…don’t give your best stuff to others, save some for your family)
9. "If you can’t sleep, because someone in your cabin is snoring too much, take the leadership, and kick him." ~ Steve
8. "The Afghani Missile Launcher" ~ Picture Norris showed at random
7. "Shoot the Dog!" ~ Norris Williams (from the "Gorilla Joke")
6. "Just STOP IT!!" ~ Bob Newhart (from Mad TV clip)
5. "Terry Bradshaw has touched my ass… I haven’t washed it since!" ~ Norris Williams (the first thing he said on Friday night)
4. "It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black." ~ Norris’ "motivational" moment
3. "How deep the Father’s love for us…" ~ My new favorite hymn, sung a few different times.
2. "…That’s because we haven’t started playin Cowboys ‘n Muslims, yet." ~ Norris’ politically incorrect joke.
1. "I have lots of violent thoughts." ~ Norris Williams

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