Caleb is 6!!

Today marks the day, where 6 years ago Dawn and I woke early to call the hospital to see if there was a bed open for us – we were scheduled to be induced that day.  They told us to call back later.  As "later" passed, I decided to take little Austin (who was almost 1 1/2 at the time!) to the store to buy some stuff to make some french dips.  On the way, I remember looking back at Austin as we were driving and talking to him about what was about to take place.  I let him know that today was the day that Mommy’s baby was coming, and that he would have a little brother.  He smiled at the thought.  I asked him if he was ready to be a big brother, and he said he was.  So, by the time we left the store, Dawn called me and said that the hospital just told her to get there in 15 minutes or we’ll lose our bed.  We lived a good 30 minutes away at the time.  Needless to say, we made it.  I think we dropped Austin off at my dad’s (which lived close by) and then we high-tailed it to the hospital.  The rest is purely speculation on my part – for those interested in destinct details, you’ll have to visit my wife’s blog at www.shedoesn’  But, as I recall we got there around noon-ish/one-ish and had him at like 5:55pm.  The most "memorable" part of the delivery is that our doctor (who had also delivered Austin) was so "eager" to get Caleb out, that once she could grab onto his armpits, she pulled so hard that his collar bone broke.  I was by Dawn’s head, and heard a sound like a branch breaking, and said, "What was that?" to which the doctor calmly replied, "Oh, it was just his collar bone.  Sometimes they’ll break from the pressure.  It’ll heal up great, and he won’t even notice it." 
Honestly, I’ve never felt so sad about how Caleb was first introduced into this world than I do right now… the poor little guy just went through the trauma of birth, and just when it was about to end, his collar bone is broken…and that seems to replay itself daily.  Caleb is our little fighter.  I have never seen a child be soooo cute and absolutely love to snuggle one day, and then be sooo angry and out of control the next.  I have also had my biggest regrets with Caleb.  I was extremely hard on him when he was young, and I have to fight against that temptation even to this day.  And yet, he’s the one that can make me "break down" whenever I think of him if I’m gone for any amount of time.
Our little Caleb is 6 now.  And there isn’t a finer 6 year old in the world.  I’m not biased, it’s the truth.
Happy Birthday, buddy!  We sure love you!

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