Piper on Missions

From "Don’t Waste Your Life":
Someone might say, "But isn’t the Gospel about finding forgiveness of my sins and getting the hope of eternal life and being filled with the Spirit of holiness and being changed into the image of Jesus so that I am a better mom or dad or son or daughter or friend or employer or citizen?"  The answer, of course, is yes.  But if that is all we focus on in our walk with God, we miss the big picture.  We miss the bigger point of it all.  We are like batboys at Yankee Stadium who think the great point of the World Series is to hand the players a bat.
If you haven’t read this book a couple of times, you should.  Especially if you live in America, call yourself a Christian, and have a pulse.  If you meet this criteria – you should read this book.  It’s not about missions, this was taken from a section towards the end of the book.  His main point is that he doesn’t want anyone (especially Christians) to reach the end of their life and to look back and say regrettably, "I’ve wasted it!"

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