More Flying Adventures…

So yesterday we got the chance to go flying again, but this time we were able to get the boys up there.  They were SO excited all day for this.  By the time I’d gotten done with work and made it to the hangar, the flight order had already been established by the boys – the older two would go first with Mommy, while the younger two would go last with Daddy. 
Within minutes we were pushing the plane out, and the boys were in and off they went.  They had decided that they wanted to fly over our old house and over to the Smiths. 
After a half hour or so they came back with enormous smiles and all sorts of excitement.  Then, it was our turn.  Jakey and Micah couldn’t have been more excited to go up in the plane.
They did great, and Harlan (our trusted pilot) even did a couple of those "Zero Gravity" drops both times, and they all loved it!  What a bunch of crazies we’re raising!

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