I’m Totally Ripping This Off From Another Blog…

… But it’s flippin’ sweet:
"Unfortunately for fans of religion, the Christian gospel is not primarily interested in religion. To be sure, the New Testament talks about religion. It discourages sexual license and other forms of immorality. It encourages patience, kindness, and other virtues. It tells believers how to worship aright. There is nothing unusual in all this—all religions have similar admonitions. In this respect, the New Testament is realistic. It doesn’t pretend that the common rules of morality and social concern don’t apply to the church. It understands that groups of people, even if you call them churches, have to behave themselves if they’re going to get anything done!

But this sort of thing, religion, does not stand at the heart of the New Testament message. The gospel isn’t primarily about helping individuals to live the life they’ve always wanted; it tells people to die to their yearning for self-fulfillment. It is not about helping people feel good about themselves, but telling them that they are dying. It’s not about improving people, but killing the old self and creating them anew. It’s not about helping people make space for spirituality in their busy lives, but about a God who would obliterate all our private space. The gospel is not about getting people to cooperate with God in making the world a better place—to give it a fresh coat of paint, to remodel it; instead it announces God’s plan to raze the present world order and build something utterly new."




So, for the first time in my life, I’ve broken down and joined a fantasy football league.  I’ve always stayed away from fantasy anything, because the real thing is just better – fantasy driving, fantasy eating, fantasy marriage, fantasy children… you see?  It just doesn’t work!  Well, it’s just a small group of us from BOB – each of us have never done the fantasy football thing before, so it could be quite amusing.


Now I’m going to heed some advice that I heard a wise sportsradio sage share with his audience.  "Fantasy Football teams are like vacations – I’m glad you have one, I just don’t want to hear about it"  So, I’ll refrain from sharing who my quarterbacks are and my decision making process on which running backs to choose and whether or not to trade this guy or that guy.  I’l just keep it all to my self.  In my own fantasy world, with my fantasy players, and my fantasy food…