Flippin’ Sweet

I’m reading this book called "Fight Clubs" and it’s got some sweet stuff on effective Christian Discipleship –
      • It is not merely enough to believe God, we must also desire

him. It is through this desire-charged faith that we glorify God and grow

as disciples.

  • “God is most glorified in us when we

    are most satisfied in Him." – John Piper

  • Our aim to be satisfied and God’s aim to be

    glorified are not mutually exclusive. They are, in fact, intimately related.

  • The (biblical) warnings remind

    us how serious God is about discipleship. He will not be mocked by mile

    wide and inch deep religion.

  • Repentance and faith are two sides to the coin of the gospel. They are not a one-time

    act to get us into heaven, but an entire way of life to maintain Christian joy.

    Repentance is not a work we tack onto our faith; it is an expression of faith.

  • Repentance and faith form the bridge that leads

    us away from union with false gods or promises and into the promise of

    joyful union with the one true God. This is a gospel that motivates the life

    of a disciple of Jesus!

  • How often do we start our day by

    requesting a fresh filling of the Spirit’s power for the day that lies ahead?

    Instead, we assume his presence and barrel ahead. Our assumption of the

    Spirit reveals our self-reliant Christianity. We start and continue our days in

    our own strength, failing to acknowledge the urgency of the fight of faith

    and our utter need for the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.

I’m sure there’ll be more to come.  If you care to join me in reading, here it is:




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