More “Flippin’ Sweet”…


More From "Fight Clubs":

"So what’s at stake in our motivation for discipleship? The reputation of

the Trinity and the centrality of the Gospel. When we refuse to rely on the

gospel of grace, we short-circuit our relationship with the Trinity by not

trusting the Father’s promises; selling out the Son’s sacrifice, and slighting

the power of the Spirit. We trivialize the Trinity, undermining God’s glory

and our own good. In essence, we say to ourselves and those around us that

God’s promises are unreliable and unsatisfying. We cheapen the atoning

work of Jesus for our sin by trying to add or subtract from the cross. We

dismiss the Spirit as a negotiable person of the Trinity, relying on our own

efforts to be like Jesus. Legalistic or moralistic discipleship produces a very

unattractive disciple. Instead of imitating Jesus in the power of the Spirit by

banking on the promises of God, we end up bypassing the Triune God and

displacing the Gospel from the center of our discipleship. We end up legalistic

bullies or moralistic wimps."



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