Good Times

We talked about a wide variety of topics while on our hike.  Among other things, was this montage from Will Ferrell.
One of my favorites is, "Don’t smell like a turtle cage!"

A Comedic Tri-Fecta!!

That’s right!  Jim Gaffigan AND Flight of the Conchords at the SAME TIME!! What JOY!!  "You" better watch this, just like "you" watched the last video that I put on here that was pure solid GOOOOOOLD!!!
** All rights reserved by Nathan Cookston, he is finder of this clip and is better looking than me, smarter than me, overall a better person than me, a better kisser than me, more of a man than I am, his children will be more successful than mine, his grandchildren’s great grandchildren will have nicer flying cars than mine, and all I can hope for is that Nathan will continue to allow me the pleasure of participating in his life.

The Funniest Thing


Today, while driving around, I came across Jay Mohr as he was filling in for Jim Rome.  Now, I realize that I’m TOTALLY missing my demo with this, but hang in there.  This guy had me crying, absolutely laughing hysterically.  Granted, he is a stand up comedian, but GOOD GRAVEY!!  I found this clip of a different time that he’d filled in to give you a sample.  Aaww MAN!!