Our Little Jakey Turns 5.

Today is Jacob’s 5th birthday. 
Can’t believe it.  When he was born, he was our first child that was born at a Midwife, so things were a little more interesting than sitting in a hospital with a drugged up wife waiting patiently for the baby to be yanked out of my wife (see Caleb’s birth story for more details and back story).  There was a team of us in the room, trying to work with Dawn as she labored and worked through the pain and discomfort.  He was also the first birth of ours where we hadn’t figured out the sex first, so there was even more excitement in the room.  And for the tri-fecta,  the midwife let me catch our new baby when he came out!  That was quite the experience to say the least.  I was so thrilled to catch him that I forgot to look to see whether we had a boy or a girl until one of the ladies asked, and so I looked and saw we had another little boy to add to our family – it was almost too much to take in all at once.
The cool thing about the midwife experience is that you can leave after a few hours of the birth if everything’s looking good, so by 11pm we were in our house with our new baby boy.  Jacob was a very difficult baby.  We’re still trying to figure out why we thought it was a good idea to have another baby after him.  He cried for the first three months of his life non-stop.  His tired parents had a rough go of it, until they tried to feed him from a bottle and found out that he must not have been getting enough food fast enough, because he finally settled down once he could get his fill of junk food.
Jakey has been probably our easiest kid since.  Rarely is he having to be disciplined.  He’s usually very happy to just play anything with his brothers, or watch them play Wii.  He loves to wrestle and play rough with me.  And he swears he’s going to be a football player, a guitar player, and a baseball player.  He loves clothes and looking cool, which he does a very good job of.
We love this little boy so much, and am excited for what God has in store for him this year.

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