Quite A Turn of Events…

So today was a day worth forgetting.  It started with a call from my good friend from church that called to let me know that my dad had collapsed at church and wasn’t breathing and was unresponsive.  Apparently, my step-mom and another guy from church had to give him CPR until paramedics got there.  I drove to church "as fast as possible" and got there by the time the paramedics were loading him into the ambulance.  I followed them to the hospital about 20 minutes away.  Once there, I finally got to see my dad, and he looked normal and was joking around and being his normal self.  They ran a series of tests and determined that it might have been caused by a seizure and that with medication he’ll be fine.  Needless to say, it was a rather stressful start to the day.  And so, by noon he was being released from the hospital, and back to normal.  His children are left with some pretty big questions like, "Since when does a seizure cause one to stop breathing?" and "Why would a hospital discharge someone so quickly that was just a few hours earlier nearer to death than anyone would like to be?" and "Isn’t there more that can be done than just running some routine tests, and telling him to basically "rub some dirt on it."?
It was quite a surprise to say the least, but we are all thankful that God was not surprised at all, and that every breath, heartbeat, brainwave and all has been carefully and thoughtfully planned out since eternity past.  Thank you God, for the gift of more time with my dad.

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