The Halloween Controversy… Or Lack Thereof?…

from The Mars Hill Blog by Mars Hill Church

The issue of Halloween and whether Christians should observe this holiday invariably rises from the grave each October. More to the point, most Christians do observe it, but differ in the level of participation or acceptance of it. Evangelist Jack Chick, for instance, the man famous for “Chick Tracts” naively depicts Halloween as a night when ancient Celtic Druids raped and sacrificed virgins, leaving carved pumpkins on the doorsteps of households that gave up their daughters (never mind the fact that pumpkins were a New World plant exported and only grown in Europe recently). Other Christians offer the opposite but equally naive defense of “it’s no big deal”, sending their kids out to eat candy and legitimize American obesity statistics.
You can read the rest of the story here.

One thought on “The Halloween Controversy… Or Lack Thereof?…

  1. The whole article was good. I get so tired of hearing all the whining and complaining about Halloween, it was nice to hear someone be reasonable about it.

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