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More Proof This “Recession” is a LIE.

As long as there is Black Friday, sold out sporting events & concerts, obesity, over-eating at Thanksgiving (and every other day for that matter), new car sales remaining steady, clothing stores staying busy, candle parties, vinyl parties, tupperware parties, cleaning supply parties, and the like – can we stop saying that we’re in a recession?  We have money – we still spend our money on whatever makes us happy for the moment – our world still revolves around us.  Nothing has changed.
Happy Black Friday, America.  God forgive us.

It’s Time To Wake Up, Church.

Alright, so I’m stealing yet another thing from Ryan Phelps’ blog.  You’re probably asking yourself, "Why don’t I just cut out the middle-man and stick with Phelps’ blog, rather than waste my time with this pseudo-blog?" 
But, after looking through these pictures – you’ll have forgotten all about that and you’ll be saying, "I gotta do something…"
But, then some time will pass, we’ll all eat too much at dinner, we’ll all sleep well in our beds, and we’ll all completely forget about what we saw.
And life will go on.


From Tyler, from Larry Crabb:
"Self-centeredness convincingly and continually whispers to me that nothing in this universe is more important than my need to be accepted and respectfully treated. Nothing is more necessary to understand than my neediness, in all its complexity and depth. If people were really moral, murmers self, then everyone who crosses my path, whether shopkeeper, pastor, or spouse, would devote their resources to making me whole, happy, and comfortable. If I am in a hurry, you should yield your place in line. If I patiently wait, I am worthy of applause. What I want should determine your response to me. This is the final ethic of self-centeredness."