Last Post of the Year…

There can be so much pressure to end the year well – with something witty or thought provoking or maybe even something

Help With A Challenge

Here’s some good stuff on accomplishing that age-old resolution to read through the Bible in a year (that no one accomplishes… I mean NO ONE – especially in America, where something like 15% of "christians" even pick up their bible other than on Sundays…)
This is from Denny Burk again:
Christians need the Bible like humans need water. The Bible is our life-blood. The Lord Jesus plans to perfect His people by means of His word. That is why He prayed, “Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth” (John 17:17). Since the Bible is the word of God written, our progress in sanctification relies on our contact with the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. Every Christian, therefore, should make it a priority to master this book.
You can check out his reading plan and the rest of the article here.

In My Wheel-house

From the 9marks blog:

Praying Simple Prayers

by Michael Mckinley

I find prayer difficult sometimes.  It’s not that I don’t feel needy… I spend 95% of my waking day feeling totally out of my depth and unsure of what to do (the other 5% is spent watching SportsCenter, with which I need no help).  But even when I feel needy, I often don’t pray. 

After all, I’m kind of a manuscript guy… I don’t really do extemporaneous.  And so in the moment when I’m talking with someone who’s suffering or trying to love my wife wisely or discipline my children well… I don’t have a carefully prepared prayer available.  And so even though we’re supposed to pray without ceasing, I often don’t pray as I should.

But I’ve been really helped by Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life.  In it, he writes:

I discovered myself praying simple two- and three-word prayers, such as Teach me or Help me, Jesus.  The psalms are filled with this type of short bullet prayer.  Praying simple one-word prayers of a verse of Scripture takes the pressure off because we don’t have to sort out exactly what we need… Often we are too weary to figure out what the problem is.  We just know that life — including ours — doesn’t work.  So we pray, Father, Father, Father.

This small insight has been really helpful to me.  Instead of remaining silence because I don’t have the right words, I have found myself praying "Jesus, help me!" throughout the day.

Quote of the Year… and Maybe the Decade!

Last night, while hanging out at my dad’s house with my sister and her kids, at some point the boys’ action-hero-save-the-world playtime spilled over into the living room.  So, they find it necessary to introduce themselves to the "civilians" – Jacob (5) says, "I’m a Super-Hero!"  Tirus (5) says, "I’m a monster!"  Micah (the cute little 3 year old) says in his squeaky voice, "I’m a HOTDOG!"
Evil-doers BEWARE!

Late To The Party… Again…

I’m sure everyone’s seen this video, but I just saw it this morning while perusing Denny Burk’s "Top 10 Youtube Video’s of 2009"… and I can’t argue – it’s definately worthy of consider for #1…
Although, I’d still have to consider this one, the only thing keeping it from being my stand-alone #1 is the 2 seconds that you can see Oprah…