Fighting the Good Fight.

There’s this guy called Jonathan Dodson, and he’s written this sweet little book called "Fight Clubs", and I couldn’t recommend it enough.  It’s not a violent book about men searching for their masculinity by fighting each other.  It’s focus is on Gospel-Centered Discipleship.  Here’s some questions he asks to help us see where we’re treasuring Christ the least in our life:




1. What are you desiring more than anything else?

2. What do you find yourself day dreaming or fantasizing about?

3. What lies are you subtly believing that undermine the truth of the gospel?

4. Are you astonished with the gospel?

5. Where have you made much of yourself and little of God?

6. Is technology stealing attention from your family?

7. Is work replacing your spouse’s place in your heart?

8. Where do your thoughts drift to when you enter a social setting?

9. What fears are paralyzing your heart from enjoying God?

10. What consumes your thoughts when you have alone time?


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