MSN Article On Chandler

Brain cancer tests a young pastor’s faith

Rising star of evangelical Christianity preaches God’s will for good and ill


updated 8:35 a.m. PT, Sun., Jan. 31, 2010


DALLAS – Matt Chandler doesn’t feel anything when the radiation penetrates his brain. It could start to burn later in treatment. But it hasn’t been bad, this time lying on the slab. Not yet, anyway.

Chandler’s lanky 6-foot-5-inch frame rests on a table at Baylor University Medical Center. He wears the same kind of jeans he wears preaching to 6,000 people at The Village Church in suburban Flower Mound, where the 35-year-old pastor is a rising star of evangelical Christianity.

Another cancer patient Chandler has gotten to know spends his time in radiation imagining that he’s playing a round of golf at his favorite course. Chandler on this first Monday in January is reflecting on Colossians 1:15-23, about the pre-eminence of Christ and making peace through the blood of his cross.

The rest of the article is amazing.



Decisions, Decisions…

In the Wiebe House, we are BIG Peyton Manning fans, and when the Colts made it to the SuperBowl this year, it was an easy choice as to who we’d be pulling for.  However, after coming across this interview of Drew Brees, I at least won’t be THAT bummed if the Colts lose.. like that’s gonna happen!

Sweet Austin

So, when I picked up my boys from church last night, as we’re leaving Austin and Caleb’s class, I could tell something was up with Austin – his eyes were a little red and he looked like he was just trying to keep it together.  I figured we’d talk when we got to the suburban, but he couldn’t wait that long.  The cute little bugger looks up at me and says, "Dad, can I tell you something?"  I said, "Yeah buddy!  What’s up?"  I bend down to his level and he says, with teary eyes, "You know Zachary?"  I nodded, trying to guess what could have happened.  Austin blurts out, "Well, his dog died…"  and he starts the blinking/try to suck it in routine, which only made him look all the cuter.  "I said, Oh, buddy, I’m sorry!  That’s really sad!"  He continued with the recap, "Yeah, he was crying really hard and even his friend was crying too… I felt so bad for him…Shadow was a good dog."  I gave him a hug and told him I love him and that he’s a good friend.  Throughout the rest of the night, Austin would periodically say, "I just feel so bad for Zachary…"
What a cute little bugger.

Holy… Spirit…?

It is common practice for me to minimize or not even think about God’s Holy Spirit.  I tend to be all about Jesus and God and not so much about the Spirit.  I’m reading J.I. Packer’s Knowing God, and he’s helping me think differently…
"Thus John records our Lord’s disclosure of the mystery of the Trinity: three persons, and one God, the Son doing the will of the Father and the Spirit doing the will of the Father and the Son.  And the point stressed is that the Spirit, who comes to Christ’s disciples "to be with you forever" (14:16), is coming to exercise the ministry of a comforter in Christ’s stead.  If, therefore, the ministry of Christ the Comforter was important, the ministry of the Holy Spirity the Comforter can scarcely be less important.  If the work that Christ did matters to the church, the work that the Spirit does must matter also."
More to come, I’m sure.