Helpful to Me, At Least…

I really want to grow in prayer this year.  Too often I believe the lie that "I can handle this", when the truth is that I am nothing and that by saying "I can handle this" I am calling God a liar and the truth is not in me (1 John 1).  I can’t handle "this" or any other "thing".  Every day I get beheaded by sin without even knowing it.  I don’t even put up a fight, because I don’t even see it coming.  I need to see the battle before I can begin to fight, and that requires dependence on my Commander and calling Him for back-up. 
I found this helpful from Desiring God:
Jan 4, 2010

Praying in the Closet and in the Spirit

(Author: David Mathis)

This week’s sermon: "Praying in the Closet and in the Spirit"

Are you the disciplined type? Are you more spontaneous? What does the Bible say about how this relates to prayer?

This much is clear: Our various disciplines and spontaneities are Christian to the extent that they are an overflow of our confidence that God is already 100% on our side.

The gospel doesn’t rule out spontaneity. "In the Spirit," Jesus’ gospel-work for us often moves us to spontaneous prayer.

And the gospel doesn’t rule our discipline. It moves us to plan for prayer "in the closet," and to take up various intentional disciplines as fruit of the gospel.

Faith in the gospel leads the Christian to planned private prayer in at least 3 ways:

  1. Because we trust in Jesus as our Lord and know he is for us, we gladly do what he tells us.
  2. Because we trust in Jesus as our Treasure, we have tasted and seen that he is good, and so we are eager to get more of him.
  3. Because we trust in Jesus as our Savior, we know that every true need we have has been purchased for us already, and so we don’t come to him in prayer to purchase but to receive.
So, maybe there’ll be more "prayer related" articles during this season, and maybe you’ll get sick of it.  If you do get sick of it, you can always go here instead.

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