Updates From Driscoll While in Haiti.

Featured, Mars Hill Global, Press Room

– by Mars Hill Church on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 12:04 pm

Pastor Mark’s First Reports From Haiti



What follows is the first round of raw, unedited updates and photos from Pastor Mark in Haiti. They come from his Facebook and Twitter. He is in country to assess the situation and needs of the Haitian churches. Stay tuned for a more thorough account when the team returns to the States. For more information on how to help local churches in crisis, check out Churches Helping Churches.

Warning Graphic Content. Yesterday we heard a gunshot behind us and a teenage boy had gotten shot in head and died immediately. He was just feet from the seminary property and next to a makeshift clinic where 5000 people are there sleeping outside. Warning this link contains graphic content http://bit.ly/4vNibL

This is a church security guard. The churches taking in victims and feeding people are under armed guard for safety. Imagine your ushers packing shot guns.

If u want a phone, cigarettes or a teenage girl you can get them here in Port au Prince. Like the American who said he’s on a relief mission and bought a hungry girl despite our confrontation.


You can get the rest of the story here.


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