Sweet Austin

So, when I picked up my boys from church last night, as we’re leaving Austin and Caleb’s class, I could tell something was up with Austin – his eyes were a little red and he looked like he was just trying to keep it together.  I figured we’d talk when we got to the suburban, but he couldn’t wait that long.  The cute little bugger looks up at me and says, "Dad, can I tell you something?"  I said, "Yeah buddy!  What’s up?"  I bend down to his level and he says, with teary eyes, "You know Zachary?"  I nodded, trying to guess what could have happened.  Austin blurts out, "Well, his dog died…"  and he starts the blinking/try to suck it in routine, which only made him look all the cuter.  "I said, Oh, buddy, I’m sorry!  That’s really sad!"  He continued with the recap, "Yeah, he was crying really hard and even his friend was crying too… I felt so bad for him…Shadow was a good dog."  I gave him a hug and told him I love him and that he’s a good friend.  Throughout the rest of the night, Austin would periodically say, "I just feel so bad for Zachary…"
What a cute little bugger.

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