Quite An Argument

Considering that I JUST turned 21 and Dawn was still 20 when we got married, this strikes quite a nerve with me.And we were told numerous times that we were crazy, that it’d never work out, and that we should wait so that we might understand who we were as individuals first (what a bunch of crap by the way).  The couple that blew all these philosophies out of the water has been my grandparents who eloped and were married when my Grandpa was 19 and my Grandma was 16 and were happily married for 65 years!… so take that "logic"… :o)

Did I get married too young?

February 18, 2010Print This Post

David Lapp got married last year when he was 22 years old and his wife was 21. By today’s standards, that is really young. But in today’s Wall Street Journal, Lapp makes the case for early marriage. He writes:

“Did I get married too young? I may not have the freedom to
globetrot at my own leisure or to carouse at a bar late into the night.
But when I step into our 500-square-foot one-bedroom apartment, warmly
lighted and smelling of fresh flowers and baked bread, I do have the
freedom to kiss my beautiful wife and best friend—the woman I pledged
to always love and cherish, and to raise a family with. I have no

After you finish reading Lapp’s article, go read Albert Mohler’s take-away on this subject for Christians. He writes:

“The delay of marriage is a huge problem, and Christians should
be in the forefront of seeing and understanding the problem — and
countering the arguments against early marriage. Churches and parents
need to ask why we are not getting young adults ready for marriage.
Abdication to the ‘hooking up’ culture of young adulthood is just not
an option.”

Read the rest here


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