Happy Birthday, Micah!!

For everyone else, today is the first day of spring.  For our family, it’s a much cooler than that.   Today, our little baby turns FOUR!!
His Birth Day was quite the surprise.   We went to our regularly scheduled appointment that was supposed to take 10 minutes, and were told by the midwife that we should have a baby that day instead.  By that evening, he was here, and our family was complete.  In this picture, he’s wearing the exact same outfit that every one of his brothers wore on their way home.  It was the outfit that Dawn used to tell me that she was finally pregnant with Austin after 2 long years of being told we might not be able to have kids…

From the start, Micah has been silly and doing whatever he can to make people laugh.  He’s such a little sweetheart.


For his second birthday, we got the wild idea to move his party to the beach at the last minute.  Rare is the day that it’s an enjoyable temperature on his birthday, but we had a great time.   This is Micah "blowing out the candles" on a cupcake that was never lit (we forgot to grab the lighter!!).  When we finished singing to him he instinctively blew out the candles.  What a goof-ball.

Last year, he got his first "big boy" birthday party at Jungle Playland.  He was so excited, and when he got this sword he quickly jumped down and began his patented "slow-mo ninja" moves, where he slowly re-inacts a fight scene complete with sound effects and death.  It’s quite the sight.

It’s hard to believe that he’s already 4.  That’s how old Austin was when Micah was born.  That’s … amazing….

Happy birthday, Micah.  Daddy, Mommy and your brothers love you very, very, very much.



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