"When we confuse law and gospel, we avoid both the trauma of God’s holiness and the liberating power of His grace. We begin to speak about ‘living’ the gospel or ‘doing’ the gospel, even ‘being’ the gospel, as if the Good News were a message about us and our works instead of about Christ and His works…
Turning the gospel into law is a very easy thing for us to do; it comes naturally. That is why we can never take the Good News for granted. Any form of ‘doing’ the gospel is a confusion of categories. The law tells us what to do; the gospel tells us what God has done for us in Christ. When it comes to the question about how we relate to God, doing is the wrong answer…
The Good News is that although we have not done any of the things we said we would do, Christ has been made our ‘righteousness, holiness and redemption’ (1 Cor 1:30). The law tells us what God expects of us; the gospel tells us what God has done for us…
And since our faith in every moment is threatened by our natural tendency to be distracted from its object – Christ – we need the gospel placarded before us not just as the beginning but throughout the Christian life. The gospel is for Christians too. We need to be evangelized every week. It is not by following Christ’s example but by actually being inserted into Christ, clothed with Christ, united with Christ – as the Spirit creates faith through the gospel – that we are not only justified but sanctified as well."

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