This Just Might Be The Best Father’s Day Present EVER!

This is from Desiring God, and while my first thought when I read this was, "What a dorky christian thing to do…" but then as I kept reading I fell in love with not only the concept but the booklet.  I must improve in this area.  We all must.

"Bless Me Too, My Father!"

May 14, 2010  |  By: Beth Stranz  |  Category: Recommendations

 A Father’s Guide to Blessing His Children is a practical tool for fathers who want to shepherd the flock that God has entrusted to them. As Pastor David Michael writes,

This booklet and the accompanying blessing cards have grown out of a heart and vision to encourage men to bless their households. Most Christian men understand that they are called to be spiritual leaders in their home, but not all have a clear idea of what that means. Part of the reason for this is that many of us grew up with fathers who were not good examples of spiritual leadership. In fact, for the past several generations men were more likely to assume spiritually passive roles in the home, thus abdicating both the physical and spiritual care of their children to their wives. The more troubled families and marriages I see, the more I am motivated and inspired to encourage men toward life-giving spiritual leadership in the home.

These blessings are a simple yet powerful way for a father to express his prayer to God and to communicate a vision for the kind of men and women that he desires for his children to one day be. In addition to his personal experience, David Michael shares a biblical understanding of blessing, and the fruits of blessing.

There are also 24 scripture passages modified to fit the form of a blessing that a father may use with his own sons and daughters. These blessings are printed on 3 x 5" cards designed to fit in a shirt pocket that a father can carry with him to bless his sons and daughters before bedtime, or anytime.

Imagine the multiplied blessings that God might pour out on sons and daughters as these words from Psalm 112 flow over them from the heart of a loving father:

May you be a blessed man/woman who fears the Lord.
May you find great delight in the Lord’s commands.
May your children be mighty in the land. Even to the next generation, may you and your children be blessed.
May you find your wealth and your riches in God.
May you endure in righteousness forever.
Even in the darkness may the light dawn for you.
May you be a gracious, compassionate and righteous man/woman.
May you never be shaken. And may your name be remembered by the Lord forever. Amen!

This is a great resource for new fathers, veteran fathers, and grandfathers, as they seek to provide spiritual leadership for their families. You can buy it now from Children Desiring God, along with a number of other parenting resources.



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