I’ve never seen so much puke. 
Starting at around 7:30 tonight (Sunday) Micah (our youngest) began throwing up – first on the floor of his bedroom and then numerous times in the bowl that we’d given him.   As soon as we get all SIX boys in bed (we’re having 2 boys over for a sleep over) at around 9:30, Jacob (the next oldest after Micah) walks out to say his stomach hurts, and that he’s about to puke his guts out.  I direct him to the bathroom and luckily he’s able to throw up in the toilet!  It was quite a success.  We clean him up and send him to bed.  Within another 10 minutes we hear him throwing up in his bedroom.  We run back there to see that our fears were realized and I ask him if he tried to throw up in the bowl I’d given him – to which he replied by trying to throw up on me!  I was able to catch the second half his projectile vomit with his empty bowl that had been sitting on his bed.  We then usher him into the bathroom to finish up his work.
After cleaning that round up, Dawn and I finally fall asleep and are awakened about 1 hour later to Jacob throwing up again – this time all over his blanket!  After ushering him back into the bathroom and him finishing for hopefully the finally time, I return to bed and quickly fall asleep.  Only to be awakened about 1 hour later at 11:30 pm by Justin (the older brother of the boys we were watching) coming into our room to tell us that his brother had just thrown up!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!  His little brother is only 4, so he just pukes on the blanket that he was sleeping on on the floor and goes back to sleep.  I’ve cleaned that up and fully expect to have him throw up another 4 times sometime in the near future, and then it’s just a matter of a guessing game as to who’s next after that…
It’s really quite amazing.  I’ve never seen so much puke.  And, I’d be completely fine never seeing it again…

One thought on “Barf-O-Rama

  1. Thanks Danny for doing that, As you heard I had Angela all night puking her guts up and then this afternoon the same thing. I hope you don’t get sick or anyone else. also thank you for taking care of my family while I was gone. It meant alot to me. Also nice help on the house. No more plan walls.

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