It was exactly 8 years ago that God’s little blessing that we’ve called "Caleb" was introduced into our lives.  His first encounter with "the outside world" included a broken collar bone – thanks to our doctor’s unnecessary angst in yanking him out! (jerk!).  And, I think that’s shaped his personality to one degree or another.  He’s a fiesty kid – ready to fight injustice or just anyone that bugs him.  He’s got a temper that constantly has us saying, "Settle down, Caleb."  But, at the same time, he’s the sweetest boy you’ve seen.  When he was in the nursery, just able to waddle around, he’d see the "teachers" walking around the class and praying for the babies, Caleb would grab a prayer card and go from baby to baby laying his hands on them and "pray for them".  He’s extraordinary at taking care of his brothers and his friends.  God has gifted him with such a caring heart that it surprises our friends to this day when they catch glimpses of his temper and the occasional angry outbursts. 
Being one of our "middle kids" he usually can get lost in the fray – and it breaks my heart to think of all that I’ve missed out on because I’ve been "too busy" or just not interested in what’s going on with Caleb.  I was extremely hard on him when he was young and thanks to God and to the close friends that help hold me accountable, I’ve softened my approach to Caleb and I have to be very intentional to work at connecting with him and making time to sit and just snuggle him.  He LOVES to snuggle.  I think if Caleb had 1 birthday wish, it’d be to spend the day snuggling and then play some games.  He just loves people and loves his family. 
I love you Caleb.  Happy Birthday.  Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you and am forever thankful to God for giving you to us.
Here’s some pictures in descending order of birthdays 6, 5, 4, 3, & 2…

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