You’ve GAWT To Be Kidding Me!

This is from Denny Burk’s blog…. geesh…


Sex-Ed in Montana

July 16, 2010Print This Post

A proposed sex-ed curriculum for public schools in Helena, Montana has caused a huge stir. The story is pretty unbelievable, but it is true. Michael Foust has the report, and I’m just going to let you read a snippet for yourself.

‘Among the more controversial elements, the proposal says kindergarteners would learn the “basic reproductive body parts (penis, vagina, breast, nipples, testicles, scrotum, uterus)” and first-graders would learn “human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender.” Fifth-graders would learn that “sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration” and seventh-graders would learn about Supreme Court opinions on abortion and “reproductive health.”‘

I don’t know how any sane person can read this report and not be astonished. It is utter nonsense to be introducing sex ed to kindergarteners. Moreover, it is not the job of the public school system to indoctrinate first graders with radical leftist gender-theory. How could any rational person see this as appropriate material for first graders? Is there a parent on the planet that wants his fifth-grader hearing from his public school teacher about varying modes of sexual intercourse? This is crazy talk. I can’t believe it’s actually a point of debate. Here is a list of other problematic elements in the curriculum:

– Kindergarteners would learn “a baby grows in a woman’s uterus.”
– Third-graders would learn “the ovary produces eggs and the testicles produce sperm.”
– Fifth-graders would learn that “sexual orientation refers to a person’s physical and/or romantic attraction to an individual of the same and/or different gender, and is one part of one’s personality.”
– Sixth-graders would learn that “the penis, fingers, tongue or objects” can be used in sex. They would also learn that “gender identity is different from sexual orientation.”
– Beginning with seventh-graders, students would discuss Supreme Court decisions that have given people “the right to make personal decisions concerning sexuality & reproductive health matters, such as abortion, sterilization, and contraception.”
– Ninth-graders would begin learning that “erotic images in art reflect society’s views about sexuality & help people understand sexuality.”

Read the rest from Michael Foust here. Read the Associated Press coverage here. Read CNN’s report here. Read the actual curriculum here.


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