From Magic Johnson to Larry Bird…

One of my weird talents is the ability to turn almost any number into an athletes jersey number.  Whether it’s an order number at 5 Guys Burgers or someone’s age… it’s not something to really be proud of, but it is something I like to do to bug my dad and others with short-term memory loss…
So, today I turn 33.  That’s right – Larry Bird’s number.  But, since I was never that big of a Larry Bird fan (my dad is, but I much prefer Michael Jordan…) I’ll also blend some numbers together on such occasions to include my more beloved athletes.  So, another option would be Michael Jordan (23) + Mickey Mantle (7) + Babe Ruth (3).  That might be too obscure for most sports fans (or non-sports fans) so, I’m thinking of going with Scottie Pippen instead…
Big decisions…

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