Jakey’s Silverwood Experience

The boys had talked themselves into a frenzy about going on every rollercoaster imaginable BEFORE we got to Silverwood.  Thier first ride was "Tremors" – a huge wooden roller coaster that gets up to 60 mph.  So – Austin, Caleb & Jacob (along with some friends and some mommies) waited 45 minutes in line and apparently right when they got on the roller coaster, Jacob decided he wasn’t up for it and started freaking out, but it was too late – the ride was already going.  Here’s what he got himself into:
He apparently screamed his head off the whole time… here’s a picture to prove it:
He’s in the 3rd car in the front right next to mommy – if you could zoom in, you’d see one terrified Jacob…  If you’re curious how the rest of the boys faired, let’s just say this was the only big roller coaster they went on.  They did go on the Corkscrew a few times, but that’s pretty tame compared to their original plans.
But, like Jacob usually does, he got over it and shook it off.  By the end of the next day, he’d started asking to go on "Timber Terror" – another huge wooden roller coaster that gets up to 50 mph.  So, before we left that night, Jacob and I waited in line for 45 minutes for him to conquer his fears.  The whole time we were in line, he kept bouncing around saying "I’m so excited!  I can’t wait!"  He was pretty funny.  We finally get to our turn, and since we’d waited so long, it was now getting dark, so I was wondering just how much he’d like rocketing around this ride in the near dark.  But, we got on, strapped in, and took off.  Here’s a video of Timber Terror – to give you an idea of what little 5 yr. old Jacob found himself in…
While there weren’t any pictures of our ride, I can tell you that Jake did great and didn’t make a peep the whole ride.  I could see him coming completely out of his seat on some of the drops and when we finally came to a stop, he said, "THAT was AWESOME!!"  He giggled and bounced around all the way back to meet the brothers and mommy and he was ecstatic to tell them how much he loved it.  I guess the brothers kept questioning Mom’s logic in allowing him to go in the first place – saying, "Mom, I can’t believe you’re letting him go on this ride!  He’s gonna hate it!!"  They forgot just who they were talking about.  This is Jacob afterall – the kid who, when HE wants to, will do whatever HE wants to.

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