Proof We Actually Went There

I mentioned earlier that we were going to go hiking, well… here’s proof.  On previous hikes, there seemed to be a theme that just "appeared" (a few years ago, when we went into the Enchantments there was the famous "Hook ’em horns" that showed up in every picture), this year the theme seems to have been me looking like I either ate something sour or can’t figure out where I’m at…
But, first – some memorable pictures of Chuck…
Here, Chuck reveals his ecstacy at seeing his name in lights… or carved on a board… in the middle of nowhere…
This is Chuck’s "Magnum P.I." pose… easy ladies…

This is me standing on the U.S.-Canadian border (you can see the long stripe through the trees, that’s the border) and obviously I’ve eaten something foul.
This is me, obviously I’m sleepy.
Sleeping standing up is my special gift.

2 thoughts on “Proof We Actually Went There

  1. Tyler, Je ne comprend pas qu’est-ce que tu parle…. translation – Tyler, I don’t understand what you’re saying?… chinese?… what? huh?

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