Back It Up.

Monday (September 6th) marked the our 13th wedding anniversary.  That either means time is flying by or we are officially socially irrelevant.
Or both.
We spared no expense on the lavish celebration… afterall, 13 years is quite an accomplishment!
Alright, we stayed in and made a phenomenal Peppercorn Steak and garlic mashed potatoes… and, by "we" I mean my hawt wife made the food and I took pictures…
Looks good, eh?  Well, it was!  On par or better than what we’ve had at The Met and Ruth’s Chris!  Believe it!
Then we broke out the good stuff and made some AMAZINGLY good chocolate covered strawberries…
They turned out almost as perfect as my bride…
Then, the next morning we hit all the finest shopping money could buy…
Well, at least the kind of shopping that OUR money could buy… Value Village had everything at half off.  Half off of used clothing is what we’re all about!
After we’d bought out Value Village and they could no longer remain in business for lack of inventory, we stopped in at one of the chic lunch options that all the local celebs hit…
Five Guys is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  This particular burger was created after much discussion with my good friend Tyler as he went on and on about how great Five Guys’ hot sauce is and how you’ve gotta ask for "extra" hot sauce… that’s why the burger looks like it had an aneurysm.  (And, Tyler, I disagree… I’m sticking with my jalapeno’s over the hot sauce)
Then, later that day after we’d picked up the boys, we stopped by Grandma’s house and we were visited in our suburban by her dog while mommy and grandma were inside talking about how to solve world hunger.  It didn’t take long for the boys and I to get bored and decide to treat grandma’s beloved dog to a make-over…
This picture kills me every time I see it!!  I found a friend’s baby diaper in our suburban and was able to get it on the little dog… Oh, it was priceless!!
We sent the dog on it’s way… Grandma didn’t find it nearly as humorous as we did…
It was a great day of being reminded of just how blessed I am to call Dawn my wife and my best friend and how grateful we are to God for everything that’s come our way these baker’s dozen of years and for the years ahead.  He is too good to us.

One thought on “Back It Up.

  1. Looks fun! I am still chasing that magical burger experience from my first Five Guys’ burger… I haven’t found it yet. I’ll have to try just the jalapeños, last time I doubled up with those and the hot sauce.

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