Very “Halloweeney”…

I dunno about “you”, but when it comes to “Halloweeney things” and just plain scary stuff, NOTHING was more terrifying when I was a kid than the first time I saw the “Thriller” video – mind you I was only about 8 or 10 maybe when I first saw it, but “back then” you didn’t have music videos and you didn’t have zombies dancing around to some freaky disco music… or maybe you did and I just didn’t hang out wherever these zombies where having their rad raves… but anyways… here’s a clip of some seriously sick zombie dance moves…


Athletes, Celebrities, Soap Monsters, & Beauty…

Here’s  a little slice of our life over the past couple of months.


If you’re ever wondering “why we need a Savior?” or “what do we need to be saved from?”, or even “what’s the main point of the Bible?” – John Piper’s sermon on Hebrews 7 will answer those concerns.  Listen to it – here’s a piece of the pie:

The major problem in the world and in our lives is not our troubled marriages or our wayward children or our financial pressures or our failing health or our cultural degeneration. The main problem in the world—everybody’s problem—is how to be reconciled to God so that we escape his terrifying wrath at the judgment. That’s the main problem.


Technology – How I HATE YOU!!!

You know how when you have a friend who’s computer goes down and all they do is complain about how miserable their life is now because they have to spend all this time and money trying to save files and important info, because if they don’t their going to lose everything they’ve worked so hard for? 

Well, at the risk of being “that guy”, that’s me right now. 

SOMEHOW, for SOME REASON our portable hard-drive decided that it was going into the witness protection program and we can’t see ANY of our files.  The bigger problem with that is that ALL of our business info, our family pictures and even MORE IMPORTANT than ALL of that is our CUSTOMER DATABASE is sitting on this cursed black box and IF (and we’re praying this ISN’T the case) but IF we’ve lost our customer database… well, …. we lack a business to sell…

Which…. would… be… VERY… …. … “inconvenient” to say the least.

Here’s to hoping that some computer guy has the mad skills necessary to resurrect BOTH our portable hard-drive AND our future…


 (this post is written with the understanding that no “wise guy” is gonna leave a comment that we should’ve backed ourselves up better… that’s about as helpful as telling someone dying with emphysema that maybe they should’ve quite smoking earlier… consider yourselves warned…)

Oh My…

So, I hear the word “girlfriend” come out of Micah’s mouth, and I ask him to come and tell me what he’s talking about.  It went something like this: 

“Micah, what did you say?”….. “I said I’m changing girlfriends.”

“Micah, you don’t need a girlfriend.”… “But DAD, I WANT a girlfriend!”

(Me trying not to laugh) “Why?  Why do you think you need a girlfriend?”… “Because, you know how ______ (cousins who shall remain nameless) are in love and kis-” I stop him before he can finish saying such a fowl thing like “kissing”.

“Micah, there will be no “in love” and no “kissing”.  Do you hear me?  We DON’T play the boyfriend/girlfriend game, okay?”… “But DAD – I’m not going to MARRY them.”

“Then, what?”… “I don’t know…”

“Micah, girls are different than boys, and we treat girls with respect and honor, right?”  He nods.  I continue, “How do we treat girls with respect and honor?” … “We be appropriate, we don’t hit, we be nice, …”

“That’s right.  You go and you be nice.  You be a good boy, okay?”  … Like a soldier receiving his orders, “Yes Daddy!”

And he takes off. 

God help us.