Oh My…

So, I hear the word “girlfriend” come out of Micah’s mouth, and I ask him to come and tell me what he’s talking about.  It went something like this: 

“Micah, what did you say?”….. “I said I’m changing girlfriends.”

“Micah, you don’t need a girlfriend.”… “But DAD, I WANT a girlfriend!”

(Me trying not to laugh) “Why?  Why do you think you need a girlfriend?”… “Because, you know how ______ (cousins who shall remain nameless) are in love and kis-” I stop him before he can finish saying such a fowl thing like “kissing”.

“Micah, there will be no “in love” and no “kissing”.  Do you hear me?  We DON’T play the boyfriend/girlfriend game, okay?”… “But DAD – I’m not going to MARRY them.”

“Then, what?”… “I don’t know…”

“Micah, girls are different than boys, and we treat girls with respect and honor, right?”  He nods.  I continue, “How do we treat girls with respect and honor?” … “We be appropriate, we don’t hit, we be nice, …”

“That’s right.  You go and you be nice.  You be a good boy, okay?”  … Like a soldier receiving his orders, “Yes Daddy!”

And he takes off. 

God help us.


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